Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Music Fashion Revealed - IKON fashion management

andi attended a Fashion and Music show held by IKON recently in Haymarket Sydney.

The night was not only a great showcase of designer talent but the young generation of models and singers. These youngsters (Circa 14 - 18 years) demonstrated not only great passion and strength over the entire evening but also excellent professionalism way beyond their years!

Fashion is a tough and highly competitive industry with the new emerging talent raising the bar higher and higher.

One such fashion designer caught my eye on the night, Rathenart Artworks and Design by Rebecca Anne Brady. The short skirt seen to the left is a hand painted fabric and looks sensational! The ability to create your own fabric design gives the designer the ultimate ability to produce the most bespoke garment. Rebecca an accomplished artist has created a unique clothing range where 'art meets fashion'.

See http://www.rathenart.com

Photos: http://www.facebook.com/tahir.rafique.73

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